Canberra Yoga and Somatics has transformed. Please visit my new site for all the latest:

Free to Move Yoga

What is Somatics?

It’s a way of getting to know your body so intimately that you can sense into areas that feel numb or chronically tense. It’s a way of identifying your postural tendencies so you can become aware of what has shaped the way you are. It’s a set of therapeutic movements to tune into your particular body issues…..and take back control.

Somatics can change your life from the inside out. Relieve chronic muscular pain, move with ease and freedom, and all for only 20 minutes of movements a day.

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Katrina is a 500 hour accredited yoga teacher from the respected Nature Care College and a member of Yoga Australia. She has trained with luminaries of the yoga world and continues to refresh her skills and deepen her understanding every year with international Somatics experts Lisa Petersen and Martha Peterson and assisting at the acclaimed Donna Farhi workshops.

Katrina’s classes are always different because they are informed and sourced from her own practice every day both on and off the mat. She specialises in Somatics; a mind-body-movement modality founded by Thomas Hanna, a student of Moshe Feldenkrais. Somatics is a movement therapy designed to re-learn our natural movement patterns so we can move with ease and relieve chronic pain associated with a host of postural conditions. Katrina is continuously using her own body as research for her classes and is grateful for the life-changing experience and empathy that past injuries have bestowed. Her Somatics classes help people shine a light of new awareness on the way they experience their bodies and movement.

Katrina now offers her unique personalised teachings for a number of classes in Canberra. She is one of only a handful of qualified yoga and Somatics Coaches trained by Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen and Martha Peterson in Australia.

In addition, Katrina offers individual somatic assessments to identify any postural or trauma related imbalances and prescribes customised somatics exercises to address your specific case.

Katrina also works with other yoga professionals who share the same approach to yoga in offering special workshops and retreats both here in Australia and overseas.


2 thoughts on “Canberra Yoga and Somatics has transformed. Please visit my new site for all the latest:

  1. Hi Katrina
    I got your name from Lyndall.
    I am keen to join in on Thursday nights for yoga. How much is the 10 class pass and how much for individual class.


    • Hi Jess,

      Just to confirm; the 10 class pass is now $150 for the Thursday night class which is one hour duration.
      Casual drop in is $18 per class.
      I will confirm the location asap but it looks like we will have a beautiful room at Insync Stdui at Griffith shops.




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